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October 25, 2016

Stress and How to Deal With It

by ChristianWorks

Stress is a person’s physical and emotional response to change. It allows us to respond and adapt to changes and challenges in our environment. No one is exempt from stress which can come from either good or bad life events. Most of the time stress can be dealt with by taking action or just simply […]

November 25, 2014

The Benefits of Theraplay

by ChristianWorks

Theraplay ® is a great way to connect with your child, as well as have fun and explore your own inner child. For many parents who may not remember playful experiences between themselves and caregivers, it can be difficult at times to be “present” with their child in and out of play. Research continues to […]

February 22, 2012

Fears and Worries

by ChristianWorks

There’s a Monster in My Closet! “There’s a monster in my closet!”  How many times have you heard that at bed time?   Children can create all sorts of monsters in the closet!  Parents invent all kinds of various remedies to get rid of the monsters hoping to eliminate the fears and worries of their […]
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