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November 15, 2016

Spousal Abuse

by ChristianWorks

Spousal abuse is a difficult behavior to define because it includes a set of symptoms that can involve both physical and emotional abuse. When it takes the form of emotional abuse, it is characterized by verbal ridicule or putdowns and patterns of neglect. Physical abuse involves the threat of physical violence and may include slapping, […]

November 18, 2013

Love Makes A Family

by ChristianWorks

By: Katti Henderson Love Makes a Family. This has been our mantra throughout the last few years as my husband, Adam, and I traveled the road on our adoption journey.  Although often tumultuous, the journey to becoming a family in this way is full of beauty; beauty from ashes. (Isaiah 61:3) The struggle of a […]

November 12, 2012

Learning to Love as God Loves Us

by ChristianWorks

This past weekend over one hundred and fifty couples had the opportunity to attend a marriage seminar presented by Gary Thomas, author of the book “Sacred Marriage”. Mr. Thomas posed that this seminar would not include instruction on the “how to”, as much as, it would give instruction on the “heart to” persevere in our […]
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