About BreakWay

At BreakWay, our support group programs are designed to help families overcome the waves that crash through life’s journeys. Finding support
is the first step in discovering a redemptive perspective about life’s experiences. Our program provides program coordinators and group facilitators with the essential tools needed to equip participants in embracing the journey to recovery. BreakWay currently offers two programs that are designed to equip churches and counseling centers with the materials needed to start a support group for children ages 5-18.

“At BreakWay, I feel like I have found a second home. The people here are very nice & I am glad to have people help me through the grief journey.”

Jamie, age 17

“I like meeting new friends who have parents going through a divorce just like me. I have realized that their divorce is not my fault.”

David, age 8

“My kid’s lives have been restored thanks to BreakWay. I don’t know how I would have managed without the support of this group.”

John, age 46

“We always play really fun games at BreakWay. I feel like I can talk about my mommy dying and no one looks at me weird.”

Matthew, age 5


At BreakWay, our goal is to serve the emotional needs of families and children on a national level, which is why we recruit churches and counseling centers all over the United States to host BreakWay in their communities. Learn more about each of our programs by clicking the icon below.

BreakWay Grief

BreakWay Divorce

BreakWay Grief & Divorce

Frequently Asked Questions

Our BreakWay programs incorporate a variety of group sharing, therapeutic art and play activities lead by locally trained volunteers. A support group should not be considered treatment as it is not lead by licensed professional counselors but rather by volunteers who have a passion for helping people through life’s journeys.

Children ages 5- 18 and their guardians. Adults can choose to participate in the adult support group or use their time waiting for a child as they see fit, but a child is never unaccompanied at a BreakWay Program.

Upon making your one-time purchase of the BreakWay curriculum, you will receive an email confirmation within 72 hours complete with all of the materials associated with your program. The materials include the curriculum and facilitator training guide, as well as a family intake packet.

You need one program coordinator and eight group facilitators (two for each of the four age groups – littles, middles, teens, adults). Your facilitators do not have to be licensed counselors or mental health providers. We do recommend that your program coordinator be a licensed mental health professional or have previous experience offering support programs, if possible. All of your facilitators must go through a training seminar. All of the material for this training is provided as part of the BreakWay curriculum program.

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    A Divorce Journey Program together you will receive an additional 25% off your total purchase!