What is KIDWorks?

KID stands for Kids in Divorce. KIDWorks is a free support group program for children ages five to eighteen that are experiencing the divorce of their parents. At KIDWorks we believe that children need special help to overcome the losses and changes in their life due to a divorce and that honoring that healing process is a necessary component to maintaining healthy relationships in the future.

Learn more about KidsWorks

Learn More About KIDWorks

While at KIDWorks, children will be free to explore, identify and express themselves and to heal from the trauma of divorce through  the shared experience of loss and major change.  

  • KIDWorks meets Monday nights from 7:00 – 8:00 PM.  It is an 8-week program offered three times a year in the spring, fall and winter. The next session will begin in January.
  • OurKIDWorks team supports children of divorce by listening as each child shares thoughts and experiences, often providing benefits to their healing process.
  • Our team will not diagnose or treat mental health issues during the course of the sessions.
  • If a child has attendedKIDWorks and their facilitator feels that he/she might need additional support, we can refer you to CounselingWorks where we have a variety of licensed professional counselors on staff available to provide individual therapeutic services.