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Fears and Worries

22 Feb, 2012

by ChristianWorks

There’s a Monster in My Closet!

“There’s a monster in my closet!”  How many times have you heard that at bed time?   Children can create all sorts of monsters in the closet!  Parents invent all kinds of various remedies to get rid of the monsters hoping to eliminate the fears and worries of their children as well as get some sleep!  If only monster spray could really take away the fears and worries.  We’d all get a better night’s sleep!

However, monster spray is not the solution, especially for a child of divorce.  Children of divorce face various fears and worries due to losses and changes in their lives. Their living environment changes in many respects.  They may have had to move from a house to an apartment giving up their own rooms, swing sets and outdoor play space. Perhaps they have even moved to a different city or state.  They may have had to change schools.  Friends change. The family structure as they knew it changes. The anxiety level increases thus producing monsters in the closet!

Children of divorce face fears of the unknown. Questions that might go through their mind:  “What will happen to me? Will I have a place to live?  Will we have enough money?  Will mom get mad if I want to be with dad?  What if I want to go with mom instead of dad?”  And, the list of fears and worries continues!  More monsters!

The journey of a divorce is not easy.  For children it can be devastating especially if they don’t get some help with their fears and worries. The KidWorks program can help children deal with the monsters in the closet when they address those issues in our group support setting.

Registration is now open for the spring session of KidWorks which begins Monday, March 19, 2012.  For more information contact the KidWorks Coordinator, Beverly Ritz, britz@christian-works.org

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