Counselling Works Sponsorship Program

Why Sponsor Counseling?

Your organization can be instrumental in equipping individuals and families with the tools they need to lead a healthy life. Over 40 schools, churches, nonprofits, and companies in DFW provide their students, members, clients, and employees with the gift of Christian counseling through a CounselingWorks Sponsorship.

Becoming a sponsor of our Counseling Sponsorship program will allow you to equip your company, school, or congregation with the tools they need to implement the changes they need to become healthier individuals and families. Our licensed Christian professional counselors will provide members of your congregation with a warm and inviting environment, while offering them privacy and convenience.

Our sponsorships begin at the low rate of $58.00 per hour with a network of counselors who are all licensed in the state of Texas as LPC, LMFT, or LCSWs and with our largest sponsorship. Our counselors operate under strict compliance to HIPAA requirements for privacy and confidentiality. Imagine the privilege of mending relationships, strengthening emotional and mental health, and addressing spiritual concerns for those inside your walls. Imagine your community receiving the tools they need to work through anxiety, depression, divorce, fear, grief, loss, marital/premarital concerns, shame, and spiritual struggles. Imagine the impact on healthier students, congregants, families, and employees could have on your organization!

Here is how our sponsorship hours work:

Monthly Fee
(12x mos)
Payment Fee
$400 $4,000 60 hours counseling
$520 $5,200 100 hours counseling
$630 $6,300 150 hours counseling
$750 $7,500 200 hours counseling
$860 $8,600 250 hours counseling
$980 $9,800 300 hours counseling
$1,090 $10,900 350 hours counseling
$1,200 $12,000 400 hours counseling

If you are located in the Dallas area or if you’re located closer to Fort Worth, contact us. We would love to talk with you about a potential sponsorship in greater detail. Click here to contact us.

Once you and your leadership team have purchased a monthly membership plan of your choice, we will provide you with a Counseling Sponsorship Welcome Packet with marketing materials for your organization’s facility and website along with additional information about the monthly reports you will receive. If you are interested in learning more about how your church or business can participate as a Counseling Sponsorship member, please contact us at 972-960-9981 or 817-502-7789.

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