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Love Makes A Family

18 Nov, 2013

by ChristianWorks

By: Katti Henderson

Love Makes a Family. This has been our mantra throughout the last few years as my husband, Adam, and I traveled the road on our adoption journey.  Although often tumultuous, the journey to becoming a family in this way is full of beauty; beauty from ashes. (Isaiah 61:3)

The struggle of a couple longing for children year after year, collides with the difficult decision a young mother must make to provide the life she desires for her child. This relationship creates a kindred connection that personifies bittersweet.

Adam is my high school sweet heart, and a two-time childhood leukemia survivor. Due to side effects from the chemotherapy and radiation from treatment, we always knew that our route to becoming a family would be non-traditional.

We connected with AdoptionWorks through a dear friend and began the process of becoming a family of three. We were educated on how to best parent an adopted child, how to help our child deal with grief and loss, and many other adoption related topics that would prepare us when the time came.

We are proud and overwhelmingly blessed to say that the time has come. As I held my son, Isaac, in my arms this morning I gazed at his perfect face and praised the Lord for beauty from ashes.

We’ve felt a lot of things on this journey, but thanks to AdoptionWorks, alone was never one of them.

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