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ChristianWorks, in partnership with KLTY, is offering free counseling services to families and first responders from the Allen Outlet Mall shooting. Call or email us to learn more.

January 6, 2012

Always on Time!

by ChristianWorks

On a daily basis, the AdoptionWorks staff encounters individuals that are waiting to have a baby or waiting to adopt a baby.  The process of waiting to adopt can be very frustrating. The AdoptionWorks staff work very hard to encourage the potential adoptive families; however our words sometimes are not enough. We have to remember […]

January 2, 2012

A New Beginning

by ChristianWorks

It is now 2012. Each new year marks a fresh start; a new beginning, or a clean slate. We have an opportunity to set a few goals that can benefit our lives if we choose to stay the course, no matter if it’s to achieve a healthier body, healthier relationships, to increase our knowledge, or […]

December 28, 2011

Children and Grief: A Personal Story

by ChristianWorks

It had been an emotional evening as children and family members gathered in early December to prepare for the difficult holiday season ahead.  All of the GriefWorks children and their families had lost a significant loved one.  Some of the children had lost a parent.  Others had lost a sibling or a grandparent or an […]