Adoption Works Fun Facts

In celebrating the end of National Adoption month, The AdoptionWorks ministry would like to present you with a few  interesting facts about the ministry.

  1. AdoptionWorks is a ministry under ChritianWorks for Children, formerly known as Christian Services of the Southwest.
  2. The AdoptionWorks ministry has placed over 800 children with Christian families through foster care and Adoption since 1967.
  3. The maternity social worker is available for Adoption related questions 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Please contact Charvette Simmons @ (214)-952-7421 with your adoption related questions or concerns.
  4. The AdoptionWorks ministry hosts, an annual family picnic for Adoptees, Birth Parents, and Adoptive Parents.
  5. AdoptionWorks in conjunction with CounselingWorks  now provides low-cost, adoption-related counseling for the members of the adoption tirad: Birth Parents, Adoptive Parents, and Adoptees.  Please contact  Heather Ellis:  or  Kristina Stephens:, or call  (972)960-9981  for more information.
  6. The AdoptionWorks staff has a combined 32 years of adoption-related experience.
  7. The AdoptionWorks  ministry offers post adoption services, such as  searches, and counseling for   families that have an adoption, consummated through Christian Works for Children. For more information please contact Charvette Simmons @
  8. AdoptionWorks can provide International adoption home studies, and post-placement services
  9. The AdoptionWorks ministries consist of a small staff, with big hearts for Children.
  10. AdoptionWorks has finally joined the world of social media! Don’t forget to, “Like” us on  Facebook or Follow us on Twitter @ christian_works

One thought on “Adoption Works Fun Facts

  1. Do you allow single parent Christians to adopt? Typically how much does one of these adoptions costs? In addition, do you know of any home study services if this required? Thank you so much for your time, Ginger

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