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AdoptionWorks Waiting Family Spotlight: Charlie, Laura, and Anthony

03 Feb, 2022

by Jennie Risley

Meet Charlie, Laura, and Anthony. The Shackelfords have been married for more than 13 years. They are hopeful to grow their family through adoption. They chose to work with AdoptionWorks because they love the mission and the wonderful people who work there. Charlie works in Accounting for a children’s toy company (Laura likes to say he is Santa’s accountant), and Laura works in Higher Education helping college students to graduate and be successful in their careers.

The Shackelford family loves spending time together and trying fun, new activities. Over the holidays, they were able to introduce their 3-year-old to the fun of sledding and making snow angels! From visiting family in Utah and California, trying new activities, and playing games, they love spending time with each other as a family.


Please pray for the Shackelfords as they hope to grow their family. Their son, also adopted through ChristianWorks, would be an amazing big brother and would love to welcome a new sibling to our loving home.


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