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Top Ten Reasons I Love Working at ChristianWorks for Children

02 Dec, 2011

by ChristianWorks

10. Meeting new people. Almost every day new people call or drop by wanting to know more about the ministries that ChristianWorks has to offer.

9. Challenges.  Each day brings its own unique challenges—whether it is ministry related, or more mundane, like stretching a dollar.  Thrifty (dare I say “cheap”?) is a valuable quality around here.

8. Team spirit.  It is a wonderful place to work, knowing that everyone, from the Executive Director down to the lowliest position (receptionist!) is on the same side—yours!  Egos are left at the door.

7. Auction.   Always exciting and fun!!!  Creativity reigns, volunteers work, auction goers give, give, give!!!  And when the dust settles a lot of money has been raised to help children, families, and individuals become healthier and happier, and Jesus Christ is honored. 

6. Camp Erin—Dallas/Fort Worth.  Fun, adventure, friendships, hope.  A fantastic opportunity for children 6 – 17 who have experienced a loss through death to come together for a time of healing among other children with similar circumstances, and where trained volunteers are there just for them.

5. KidWorks.  Children grieve when their parents divorce.  KidWorks offers an opportunity for healing and expressing via activities and endeavors with other children and trained volunteers and counselors.

4. CounselingWorks.  Offering encouragement, help and hope to families, couples, and singles in life’s daily struggles.   Also, pre-marital counseling is offered, helping to keep that wonderful newlywed glow going.  We’ve got the best counselors!!! 

3. AdoptionWorks.  A place where birthmothers can come for guidance and help, and potential adoptive parents can seek hope and joy.  Being present to witness the first time meeting of an adoptive family and their new baby is inexpressibly beautiful!

2. GriefWorks.  Acceptance, understanding, a safe place.  Open to children 5 – 18, counselors and trained facilitators provide a friendly atmosphere with activities and listening that give grieving children a chance to express themselves and heal.   

1. And the Number 1 reason that working at ChristianWorks for Children is so GREAT is…….(drumroll, please)

The paycheck.  Ha, ha!!!  We are a non-profit!!!  No one works for a non-profit to get rich!  (Sometimes I just crack myself up!)

No, the number 1 reason working for ChristianWorks is amazing is….

Seeing people who have experienced pain, rejection, grief, and despair, or are simply looking for a better life, find encouragement, hope, and sometimes the very answer to prayers they have been seeking.  That is what ChristianWorks for Children is all about.  Helping people experience the goodness of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

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