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ChristianWorks Giving Children Voice and Choice

05 Dec, 2011

by ChristianWorks

One of the blessing of serving Jesus Christ through His ministries at ChristianWorks for Children is the opportunity to see the goodness of God expressed through His people in their kindness towards those we often acknowledge has having no voice and having no choice – the children. ChristianWorks for Children is blessed to give children a voice.

Watching Jeremy at a recent event for grieving children I reflected on his story. Listen.

“Why does my mother reject me?” His mother abandoned him at birth!

“Why did my grandmother desert me?” She died when Jeremy was four. She was his caregiver since birth! “Why did my Pawpaw leave me?” Jeremy’s grandfather, a constant companion, died when Jeremy was five! “Why can’t my dad find us a place to live?” His dad lost his job when Jeremy was six and they became homeless!

“Nobody wants me! I’m scared! I’m different! I’m angry!” School suspensions at age of seven led a listening school counselor to refer Jeremy to ChristianWorks for Children.  Through the free support ministries of GriefWorks and Camp Erin – Dallas Fort Worth, and the play therapy sessions at CounselingWorks, Jeremy’s voice is heard, and he will be able to make better choices now and in his future.

Maggie was one of the 9,677 babies born to teenage mothers three years ago in the metroplex. She was one of over 100 that were placed for adoption. This is a very select group of individuals that began a journey of a lifetime as an adoptee. Adoption is not an event at a moment and place in time, but a lifetime decision for the birth parents, the infant, and the adoptive parents. Who speaks for Maggie? She had no voice in making a choice to be adopted or to whom her parents will be?  Maggie was enjoying food and games at our last AdoptionWorks picnic with her family and birth mother. Can you hear Maggie?

“Why doesn’t the one who gave me birth want me?”  Maggie’s birth mother was a 16 year old girl who would have no family support emotionally, socially, or financially in raising her. “Where is the man responsible for my birth and why won’t he take care of me?”  Maggie spent time in foster care after her birth while AdoptionWorks located her evasive and reluctant birth father. What is best for Maggie for a lifetime?” 

Who will be my parents and love and nurture me during my life?”   Maggie’s birth mother contacted ChristianWorks for Children seeking help in making choices that would influence Maggie, herself, and Maggie’s parents for a lifetime. Through the AdoptionWorks ministry, ChristianWorks for Children will have a lifetime relationship providing Maggie a voice with all three parties of this adoption triad in making the choices best for Maggie.  Questions and issues from guilt and grief for Maggie’s birth mother. Parenting skills and attachment issues for Maggie’s parents and why me questions from Maggie as she grows older with her own voice and making her own choices.

Michael became one of the 19,000 children in the metroplex area last year whose legacy includes the divorce of his mom and dad. No one asked him if he wanted to be a child of divorce. He didn’t have the chance to ask what he could do to keep his parents together. He doesn’t know who will take him to baseball practice now that dad has left the house and lives in a different city.

“Where do I belong?” Michael lives with his mother but he stays with his father every other weekend, some holidays, and additional time in the summer. The death of his parent’s marriage grieves his heart because he loves them both.  “Why have you both hurt me so much, why couldn’t you divorce before I was born?  There is little thought given to Michael as his parents use him as a weapon against each other in the constant battle of bitterness and revenge. He doesn’t have value in any choices they make. “No one cares!”

Michael dropped out of school this year. Alternative school was pointless for him. He is on the street.

Michael didn’t find KidWorks, the free divorce support ministry for kids of divorce at ChristianWorks for Children. Perhaps if a youth minister, school counselor, teacher, coach, or pastor could have recognized the despair and known about KidWorks, the outcome of Michael’s legacy in his teenage years could have been different. His despair would have had a voice and his choices could have been better. Michael’s voice was never heard, he was invisible to a world with their eyes wide open but unable to see him.

At this Holiday season will you join ChristianWorks in giving a voice to children like Jeremy, Maggie, and Michael that gives them good choices in difficult circumstances!

Please consider making a donation as a tribute to someone (spouse, friend, teacher, minister, pastor, counselor) you know that has heard the voice of children and provided them a chance to make a good choice. Make an Honor Gift in tribute to them. To acknowledge your donation, a Holiday Season card (sample below) will be sent to the person you designate acknowledging your gift to ChristianWorks as an Honor tribute to them.

Speak up for people who cannot speak for themselves. Protect the rights of all who are helpless.  Speak for them and be a righteous judge. Protect the rights of the poor and needy. Proverbs 31:8-9.

Thank you for speaking for the voice of children and giving them a choice.

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