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Helpful Health and Eating Resources During Quarantine

09 Nov, 2020

by admin

In this sudden “new normal” of social distancing and quarantine practices, people who struggle with anxious thoughts and emotions regarding their eating habits are finding themselves trapped in their homes with surpluses of the one thing they fear misusing the most: food.

If this describes you, guess what? You are not alone. This experience is more common than you would think, and we are here to help.  In fact, there are bodies of research that suggest that dieting (which many of us have done at least once in our adult lives), is a strong predictor of restricting and binge patterns throughout ones’ lifetime.  And to feel trapped in our homes facing nothing but foods which we’ve been conditioned to fear can be a little unnerving.

“Diet culture” tells us that we can’t trust our hunger and fullness cues, and to do so is dangerous.  Reality and biology tells us that, with support and practice, we can absolutely eat without anxiety, and come to trust our emotional and biological cues.

Did you know one of our counselors here at ChristianWorks works specifically with people of all ages who struggle with eating disorders, negative relationships with food and dieting, and body image?  In the counseling room, Allison can assist you in exploring the emotional and psychological experiences surrounding your eating and food concerns, while also connecting you with local, trusted dietetic and nutritional professionals.  Call our intake office to learn more.

In the meantime, check out the resources below for support and information below.


Intuitive Eating Resources:







You Can Eat With Us with Cara Harbstreet, MS, RD, LD

Love Food with Julie Duffy Dillon, RD

Food Psych with Christy Harrison, MPH, RD, CDN


Instagram Accounts Allison suggests:













International Association for Eating Disorders Professional Search:



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