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Depression and Symptoms

27 Sep, 2016

by ChristianWorks

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The word depression can be used to describe a range of feelings from “feeling a little down” or sad to being overwhelmed, incapacitated and possibly suicidal. Depression is often called the “common cold” of mental/emotional issues because so many people suffer with it. Depression is also one of the most treatable health issues.

What Can Depression Do?

  • Cause feelings of hopelessness, despair, sadness and apathy.
  • Cause a loss of perspective. Depression distorts life and how we see ourselves. Depression perpetuates a negative pattern of thinking.
  • Change the person’s physical activities and social involvement. Constant fatigue plagues the victim of depression.
  • Cause a loss of self-esteem. The depressed person develops and nurtures a negative self-image.
  • Cause its victims to withdraw from others at a time when support and encouragement are important.
  • Produce a need in people to escape problems, social situations and life as normal.
  • Cause people to be over-sensitive to what others say and do.
  • Affect the person’s thinking and decision making. Depressed people can’t focus and can become forgetful. They feel as if gloom and doom hang over them all the time.
  • Cause a person to have difficulties in handling emotions and everyday situations. Depressed people are almost always frustrated and angry.
  • Cause the person to feel guilt….either real or imagined.
  • Foster a sense of dependency upon others.
  • Destroy your life, your family, your relationships, your career and your spiritual perspective.

Symptoms of Depression:

  • Changes in appetite (eating too much or too little)
  • Sleeping problems (sleeping too much or too little)
  • Fatigue (lack of energy)
  • Lack of interest in activities that were once pleasurable experiences
  • Restlessness and irritability
  • Feelings of worthlessness
  • Feelings of helplessness and hopelessness
  • Inappropriate guilt
  • Difficulty in thinking, making decisions and concentration. Poor memory.
  • Obsessive thoughts of death and suicide. Sometimes attempted suicide can be the first symptom displayed.
  • Excessive crying
  • An apathetic outlook. Who cares? Whatever!
  • Avoidance of old friends and social gatherings
  • An inability to get along with people
  • Poor performance at work, school or home
  • Unexplained pains and illnesses (psychosomatic ailments)

Depression can negatively impact your life, your relationships, your family, and your spiritual life. It is too complicated to solve with a single pat answer or without the help of others.

Written by Larry M. Barber, LPC-S, CT

If depression is affecting the quality of your life, now is the time to ask for professional help. To talk with a Christian counselor about how depression is affecting you or someone you care about, please call CounselingWorks at 972-960-9981 or fill out our contact form.

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