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23 Jul, 2012

by ChristianWorks

I want to share a thought with you that really hit me after a recent phone call I answered at ChristianWorks.  If you received our electronic newsletter this month, you read about the variety of phone calls we receive on a daily basis….

lt was from a young man hundreds of miles away in the State of Georgia who was employed as a hospital social worker.   He was calling to ask lots of questions about how to conduct a bereavement camp.  As he talked, he described a tragic event that had occurred in their small town resulting in the death of a young child, shocking everyone.  A few months later, a local citizen had come forward with funds to be able to offer a camp for grieving children and their families in this community.  This young man had been charged with the task of organizing and implementing such a camp and he knew ChristianWorks could help him!  Why?  Because he told me he had been reading our website, specifically the GriefWorks  and CounselingWorks microsites, for several years, and that he had been using that information to learn about grief and other life challenges to better serve patients and their family members….it was very useful to him, and educational for those he was trying to help and support.

The thought hit home with me that while we are a local ministry in the DFW metroplex, and many of our services offered involve coming to our physical location, we must remember there are many resources available on our website (www.christian-works.org) that can be useful to others who live thousands of miles away….the kind of resources that can calm your fears in the middle of the night, for example, if you are worried about a grieving child.   Check those resources out and remember them when you or someone you know needs help.

Our own bereavement camp, Camp Erin – Dallas / Fort Worth, in partnership with The Moyer Foundation, is next weekend…..please be mindful of the 81 children and teens and 70 volunteers attending….may hope and healing fill the lives of everyone present.

As always, thanks for reading along!

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