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Resource for expectant parents considering adoption

08 Nov, 2017

by admin

If someone you know is pregnant and unsure if parenting is the best thing for them or their baby, we encourage you to explore the website below which gives a great outline of the adoption process and real-life stories from birth moms who decided that adoption was the best thing for them and their baby.


“This choice was the hardest but best choice I will ever have to make. I know it was the most unselfish thing I could have done.” -Angel, American Adoptions Birth Mother

Adoption is a beautiful and complicated process. It’s a story of incredible love and difficult loss. Expectant parents who make the brave and courageous decision to place their baby for adoption can be expected to experience a wide range of emotions including sorrow, relief, satisfaction, joy, deep sadness, empowerment, and gratitude to name a few. Not every parent who chooses adoption will feel the same way about their experience.

One emotion that is often felt by many birthparents is grief. Grief is often referred to as a journey or process that is unique to each individual who is experiencing it. The following articles provide great insight into many of the emotional issues faced by parents who decide to place their baby for adoption and how to walk alongside them through their journey of grief and loss. –Allison Abbey, AdoptionWorks Maternity Support Specialist


Mommas you are so strong, selfless, and courageous. You are not forgotten. Below is a list of resources for expectant moms who are exploring their options whether it be parenting or adoption, as well as resources for birth moms who have already placed their child for adoption.

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