BreakWay Grief

BreakWay: A Grief Journey Program is designed for children who have experienced the death of a loved one. In a recent study, 85% of parents who lost a spouse said they wish there were more resources for their grieving children. We want to make sure that communities have the resources to provide support groups for children ages 5-18 (littles, middles and teens) and their parent or guardian. This program equips counseling centers and churches with the tools that they need to create a support group for families experiencing grief in their community.

In these support groups, each participant will be guided through age appropriate activities that will help lay a foundation for topics that surface when losing a loved one.

This platform provides children the opportunity to participate in activities with a group of children in their age group who are experiencing grief in their family. Our goal at BreakWay is to allow children to interact with one another in a safe and controlled environment allowing each individual to express their grief and embrace the healing process.