Generally speaking, Christian counseling and secular counseling share the same desire to help people overcome their problems. Although Christian counselors at CounselingWorks often use some of the skills from secular psychology and counseling, they recognize that there are benefits for their clients in approaching counseling from a Christian perspective.  Those benefits are:

Christian counseling recognizes a higher authority. While many counselors go to Freud, Jung and leaders in psychology to find authority, the counselors at CounselingWorks know that the inerrant word of God provides principles that can lead clients to enjoy the abundant life Jesus spoke of in scripture.

Christian counseling accepts absolute truth. While some counselors encourage their clients to listen to the guidance of their hearts to have productive lives and do what they think is right, Christian counselors know the human heart can be deceitful. At CounselingWorks, clients are encouraged to listen to the guiding principles and truth of God’s Word.

Christian counseling has a higher goal. While many counselors help their clients in a pursuit of happiness, the counselors at CounselingWorks want to help the client in their pursuit of God and a meaningful life.

Christian counseling offers real healing.  Many times secular counselors are limited to administering “band aids” to deep emotional and spiritual wounds.  Christian counseling can bring the client into a closer relationship with God and His Son where real healing can take place.

          The licensed counselors on staff at CounselingWorks are professionals who counsel clients from a Christian worldview without preaching to or judging clients.  They are passionate about strengthening individuals, couples and families in their relationships with others and God.

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  • At times when people are turning to all sorts of things for guidance, here is a great resource, guide and direction for help.

  • There are times where I tend to feel depressed whenever I feel like my faith is tested, especially last week when my son told me that he says that he refuses to go to church with me because he thinks that God is imaginary. I’m glad to know that Christian counseling uses the inerrant word of God as the basis of letting me come to terms with my feelings. I think I’ll consider looking online to see who I can find so I’ll be able to reconnect with my son even though he no longer believes in the same things I do.

  • My husband and I are going through a rough stage of our marriage. That’s why we’re thinking to seek help from a marriage counseling service. I guess your suggestion of going to the Christian counseling service would be a great idea since they mostly encourage their clients through the words of our dear God, and I think this is what my husband and I need to reconnect.

  • Lissa Kearns says:

    A very good approach to reveal the universal truth.

    Yes, I do believe that Christian counseling transforms the person’s heart as he gets involved in a relationship with God.

    How can I start counseling to increase god’s truth in my heart?

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