Pictures of Divorce


We ask the children who are in our KidWorks program to draw what divorce looks like to them.  As you have seen in the pictures above, children have a way of expressing themselves through their art.  Their art often tells their story.  One child draws a dad pushing mom down the stairs.  We often see pictures of constant fighting between parents.  Pictures show heart shapes split down the middle expressing how their hearts are hurting.  Pictures of tears prevail.  These dramatic heart breaking scenes are realistic for children of divorce.   We wish we could change the pictures children have in their minds.  The memories are long lasting.  The pain and hurt are deep.  The feelings are sometimes inexpressible, and they can no longer draw the happy family pictures they once drew.  There is nothing appealing about the picture of divorce.  It affects children all over the world.  They need your prayers so that one day they can draw a different picture for their lives and include some happy faces!

If you know of someone going through a divorce, be sure to refer them to the KidWorks program or CounselingWorks.

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