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With 50 years of experience in adoption services, AdoptionWorks knows that love is what makes a family.

Adoptive Parent Orientation

Learn more about becoming an adoptive parent at our adoptive parent orientation. Call our Adoption Case Manager Christin Paradowski to learn more at 972-960-9981 ext. 111.

What is AdoptionWorks?

AdoptionWorks is a Christian adoption agency in Dallas, Texas. We provide full domestic open adoption services to birth parents and adoptive couples and are fully licensed by the state of Texas. AdoptionWorks also offers free adoption support groups for adoptees and their parents. Our staff accommodates the unique needs of women experiencing crisis pregnancy, individuals who are interested in adopting and children in need of adoption.

What is open adoption?

Open adoption is a form of adoption in which the birth family and adoptive family maintain contact prior to and after placement.

Every adoptive child has a dual heritage that shapes their identity. At AdoptionWorks, we know that open adoption can provide children with a sense of connection and completeness. Understanding how open adoption can affect everyone involved is very important when making a decision about what is right for your family. We know open adoption isn’t for everyone. These are some of the benefits our families have gained from their open adoption experience.

Benefits for Birth Parents:

  • Comfort in knowing your child is growing up safe, healthy and loved.
  • Personal relationships with the adoptive parents and child.
  • Emotional support in dealing with grief that can come up after placement.

Benefits for Adoptive Family:

  • Valuable lifelong connection with birth family.
  • Access to important medical information.
  • Better understanding of birth parent’s wishes and delight in being “chosen” as adoptive parents.

Benefits for the Child:

  • A better sense of identity that will evolve as he/she matures.
  • More access to medical and biological family history.
  • A chance to develop a healthy relationship with biological family members and a more secure attachment with their adoptive and birth families.

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