From the Couch w/ Bonnie Curry

Our own Janet Johnston joins Bonnie Curry to talk about ChristianWorks’ GriefWorks program and the impact it has on so many people.


Director, Allison Abbey, talks about ChristianWorks BecomingMom program that serves expectant parents and parents of children under 36 months.

How to Talk to Your Children About Racism

ChristianWorks counselors provide tips and advice on how you can talk to your children about racism.

Let’s Talk About Camp Sunrise

Learn what Camp Sunrise is all about and the impact it has had on so many kids.

AdoptionWorks Answers Your Questions

The AdoptionWorks team explains what AdoptionWorks is and how they serve all parties involved within the adoption process.

Self-Care During Stressful Times

Learn tips and activities you can do to take care of yourself when you’re stressed.

How you can navigate substance use/abuse during a pandemic — Espanol

Escuche cómo puede superar el uso / abuso de sustancias en medio de la pandemia de COVID-19.

Let’s Talk About Stress

How can you overcome stress? Listen to ChristianWorks panel of counseling experts talk about how to deal with and ultimately overcome your stress.

Let’s Talk About Substance Use/Abuse

Learn how you can help someone who has an addiction and is not in recovery.

Let’s Talk TeleHealth

What is Telemental health and does it work for everyone? Check out this video to get the answers to these questions.

Let’s Talk About Adolescents

What are some common challenges and unique aspects of adolescents that arise in the counseling room? Watch this video to find out!

Let’s Talk About Marriage

What are some red flags early on in a relationship? How do we rebuild trust in our marriage? Watch this video to find out!

A Discussion About Grief

How do I tell my child about a death? How can I help my grieving child? We discuss these questions and more.

Let’s Talk Parenting

Watch this video to learn about play therapy and what to do if your child is resistant to counseling.

CounselingWorks en Espanol

Conozca todas las cosas que CounselingWorks Español tiene para ofrecer.

Let’s Chat!: ChristianWorks Counseling Services, Telehealth, Servicios en Espanol and MORE!

Watch this video to learn about all ChristianWorks has to offer, from counseling to Telehealth, Adoption services and more.