Nathan and Lauren

Nathan and Lauren Lambert are a Christ-centered, fun-loving, adventurous couple who are excited to share their love with a child. They have been married for 8 years and have tried for the past 4 years to conceive a child naturally, but haven’t been successful. This led them to consider adoption, and after digging into this realm a little further, they realized how many family members and close friends of theirs have also adopted. Lauren is a registered nurse and also works with her family as part of a non-profit day program for special needs adults. Nathan is a designer as well as an adjunct professor teaching design. Their home is a comfortable place of natural light, awesome music, and great food.

Chris and Brianna

Chris and Brianna have been best friends since college in 2001 and married for 10 years. Chris works as a software developer and Brianna is a full-time mom. They enjoy spending time together as a family and laughter frequently fills the home. When the weather is nice, you’ll find them outdoors walking their dog Lucy, attending a community event, or at the park. They also enjoy taking trips to see family and experiencing new places every chance they get. After years of infertility, they were blessed with a baby boy through adoption. Their little guy has changed their world in such a short amount of time, he is loving, curious and full of energy. God has now given them the desire to expand their family and start this journey once again. They are grounded in their faith and look forward to teaching their children the love and salvation that Jesus has so graciously given to them. With prayer and open hearts, they are excited to share the joys of family and welcome a new child into their home.