GriefWorks is a free program for children ages five to eighteen that have experienced the death of someone close to them. Through sharing, play, drama, art and the support of caring and trained facilitators, children are able to express their feelings of grief in a safe and loving environment. Statistics show that one out of seven children will experience the death of a loved one by age ten and we believe that restoring a child’s hope after experiencing a death in their family will allow them to have healthy future relationships.


What is GriefWorks?

At GriefWorks, we provide a safe and loving environment where children and teens can share their circumstances of loss and find the freedom to explore their grief openly. GriefWorks is a free support group program for children and their parents.

What will participants do at GriefWorks?

Children and teens can expect to participate in group sharing and therapeutic activities to support them through their grieving process. Parents or guardians that plan to accompany GriefWorks children and teens will participate in a support group of their own to discuss the special needs of their children, effective parenting skills and the needs of parents as they process their grief.

What is the difference between grief support and grief counseling?

Support services are not to be confused with counseling and therapeutic treatments. Our team supports children experiencing grief by listening as each child shares thoughts and experience, often providing benefits to their healing process. Our facilities provide a comforting atmosphere for children to feel welcome in expressing their deepest hurts. If a child is attending a session and their facilitator feels that he/she might need additional support, we can refer you to CounselingWorks where we have a variety of licensed professional counselors on staff available to provide therapeutic services.

How can my family learn more about participating in GriefWorks?

New families are required to attend an orientation before attending a group. This meeting will help us to place you in a group that we feel will help the needs of your family. It will also provide you and your family with the information needed to participate. If you are interested in signing your child up for GriefWorks, please contact director Larry Barber.

Start a Support Group

Churches and organizations can offer the same support that GriefWorks offers to children and families by implementing the BreakWay curriculum. This 18–week curriculum and facilitator guide will provide you with everything you need to start offering support to grieving children and families in your area. If you are interested in starting a group in your area, click here to learn more about BreakWay.


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