Counseling Sponsorship Program

What is the Counseling Sponsorship Program?

CounselingWorks offers a program specifically designed for churches, corporations and other organizations interested in providing their staff and members professional counseling at an affordable price with privacy and convenience. At CounselingWorks, it is our mission to make counseling available and accessible to anyone in need of these services and the Counseling Sponsorship Program makes this possible.

What is the benefit of my company purchasing a Counseling Sponsorship?

On average, a depressed employee will cost their employer $3,000 annually in lost workdays due to reduced productivity and half of all American adults need help due to mental illness or emotional struggles at least once in their lifetime. By purchasing a Counseling Sponsorship, you can make counseling accessible to employees who might be victimized by these emotional illnesses, enhancing morale and guaranteeing a higher employee retention rate. This will significantly reduce liability that your company might experience by not offering reliable health care services, reducing health care costs.

How will Counseling Sponsorship benefit my employees?

By purchasing a Counseling Sponsorship, employers make quality, confidential help easy to access without becoming over involved at an early stage in their employees emotionally paralyzing times. Counseling Sponsorship will also promote a less stressful working environment by promoting healthy lifestyles, giving employees the security that their well-being is the organization’s first priority.

What is the benefit of my church purchasing a Counseling Sponsorship?

Becoming a member of our Counseling Sponsorship program will allow you to equip your congregation with the tools they need for spiritual restoration while significantly reducing the potential liabilities that church staff might experience. Our licensed Christian professional counselors will provide members of your congregation with a warm and inviting environment, while offering them privacy and convenience.

Counseling Sponsorship Plans

Monthly Fee Single Payment Fee Counseling Hours
$330 $3,300 60 hours counseling
$440 $4,400 100 hours counseling
$550 $5,500 150 hours counseling
$660 $6,600 200 hours counseling
$770 $7,700 250 hours counseling
$880 $8,800 300 hours counseling
$990 $9,900 350 hours counseling
$1,100 $11,000 400 hours counseling

Once you and your leadership team have purchased a monthly membership plan of your choice, we will provide you with a Counseling Sponsorship Welcome Packet with marketing materials for your organization’s facility and website along with additional information about the monthly reports you will receive. If you are interested in learning more about how your church or business can participate as a Counseling Sponsorship member, please contact us today!

Current Counseling Sponsorship Members

  • Avenue F Church of Christ
  • Beckley Heights Church of Christ
  • Brown Street Church of Christ (aka College Street CoC)
  • Buckingham Road Church of Christ
  • Christian Care Centers (CCC)
  • Christian World Church
  • Cliff View Church of Christ
  • Cottonwood Church of Christ
  • Dallas Christian Schools
  • Eastridge Church of Christ
  • Fourth Avenue Church of Christ
  • Gateway Church
  • Greenville Avenue Church of Christ
  • McDermott Church of Christ
  • Mt Hebron Missionary Baptist Church
  • North Pointe Church of Christ
  • Preston Road Church of Christ
  • Riverside Church of Christ
  • Saturn Road Church of Christ
  • SOS (Survivors Outreach Services/US Army)
  • Walnut Hill Church of Christ
  • Waterview Church of Christ
  • DFW First Responder Sponsorship

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