By ChristianWorks / May 24, 2016

4 Ways We Reinforce Low Self-Esteem and Steps to Improve

Self-esteem is simply your evaluation of your own worth. Feeling good about yourself is vital to living a happy, healthy...

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By ChristianWorks / May 10, 2016

3 Steps to Handling Disagreements

We all want our relationships to be warm, happy and free of conflict, but in the real world this is...

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By ChristianWorks / April 21, 2016

Family Counseling – An Option For Many Situations

Each of us faces problems at various times, and when we do we usually think the burden of these problems...

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By ChristianWorks / March 23, 2016

Easter through the Eyes of a Grieving Child

Each week at GriefWorks, children and families gather to support each other through their...

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By ChristianWorks / November 5, 2015

How to Talk to Your Adopted Child about Bullying

Many adopted children are bullied and teased throughout their lives. Bullying of adoptees can center around race, gender, adoption status, development, social skills,...

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By ChristianWorks / October 6, 2015

Transracial Adoptee: Living in a Racially Complex World

Shortly after the Michael Brown case sparked the first protests in Ferguson, Missouri, an adoptive parent sat in my office...

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By ChristianWorks / October 2, 2015

Tragedy, Trauma and Death: Talking to Children about Death

When tragedy and death strike as they have in recent news headlines, we adults often feel the need to protect...

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