ChristianWorks is staffed by professionals dedicated to serving the needs of children and families in the DFW area. Learn more about becoming a working member of our community, on the Join Our Team page.

Learn more about each of our staff members by clicking on their picture. You can contact any of our staff at 972-960-9981. Just ask for us by name or tell us which program you are interested in learning more about.

Rob Pine, Executive Director
Carol Pauley, Development Director
Janet Johnston, AdoptionWorks Director, GriefWorks Program Coordinator, Camp Erin Director
Larry Barber, CounselingWorks Director, GriefWorks Director, KIDWorks Director
Melanie Chung-Sherman, Post Adoption Clinical Director
Madelyn Murray, AdoptionWorks Director
Christin Paradowski, Adoption Case Manager and Outreach Specialist
Alexandria Williams, Communications Director
Rachel Baker, Office Manager
Paola Thompson, CounselingWorks and KIDWorks Program Coordinator
Wesley Encalade, Community Relations Representative
Jaime Theiss, CounselingWorks Program Coordinator
Sindhu Jefferson, GriefWorks Program Coordinator
Nikki Carroll, Post Adoption Program Coordinator
Shelita Givens, Bookkeeper & Administrative Assistant
Amy Roberts, Special Event Coordinator
Allison Abbey, LPC-Intern
Kevin Mimms, LMFT-Associate
Andrea Wrape, Community Liason

Board Members

Larry Bowditch, Board Member
Pam Patterson, Board Member
Mark Anthony, Board Member
Raymond Hart, Board Member
Don Clevenger, Board Member
Robert Hackler, Board Member
Michelle Tucker, Board Member
Michael Sanderson, Board Member
John Scott, Board Member
Gayla Plunkett, Board Member
Bret Pedigo, Board Member
Bret Cullers, Board Member
Monica Simpson, Board Member
Jan Hall, Board Member
Melanie Hunter, Board Member
Todd Robertson, Board Member
Isha Myrick, Board Member

Additional Board Members: Bryan Pruitt

Advisory Council

Pam and Tim Couch, Debbie and Gary Cox, Eyleen and Larry Crain, Carol and Don Crisp, Jodi and Ged Erwin, Shannon and Rodney Harvey, Pat and Richard Lawson, Kaye Dawn and Holt Lunsford, Barbara Packer, Marty and Mark Schupbach


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